Great New Paks Available

Paks Now Available

Whether it be in a commercial environment or just at home in the kitchen, stainless steel has become very popular. When it is new it looks elegant, classy and you know that the quality is very high. However without regular maintenance stainless steel starts to “rust”and can tarnish quickly. Your expensive investment is starting to look weathered and worn.

Now you can keep this under control with a range of  easy to use cleaners and protectors that are fully organic. Totally safe to you and the environment

To assist you we have created a range of Paks for the variety of enquires that we are getting. Whether it be a basic Sample or a Starters Pak, these 2 options will allow you to test all the products out and experience how good they are.

Our aim is to help you make a decision as to which product will best suit your requirements, without paying the full price on a large bottle that you may not really use.

However, should you already know how well these products work then purchasing a Mid Size or Full Size Pak will offer you greater value for your investment.


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