Innogel B450 at it’s Best


Innogel B450 is fast becoming a proven and highly effective product to use in removing tea staining from Stainless Steel.

It is especially useful when it comes to cleaning those really tight areas that a cloth or sponge cannot access easily. For example, consider stainless steel wire products and  turnbuckles that have become popular in balustrading today. Tea staining has really effected these two products.

With Innogel B450 it is as simple as

  • Applying the gel, green in colour, all over the wire and turnbuckles with a paint brush, making sure that it gets into all the effected areas. In between the strands of wire, etc.
  • Then leave for anywhere from 4 to 24 hrs. This is dependent on the extent of the contamination.
  • Once left for sufficient time, simply hose off with water and dry with a cloth. As Innogel B450 is Bio-degradable, it is quite safe to the environment.

Click here to see a series of photos where we have done this as a trial.

  • Photo 1, The tea staining on the turnbuckles,
  • Photo 2, The Innogel B450 has been applied to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th turnbuckles,
  • Photo 3, The next morning (approx.14 hrs later) we have returned and washed down with water.

As always, once cleaned we highly recommend that all cleaned stainless steel be treated with Innoprotect B580.

For further Information on Innogel B450, including samples, pricing and MSDS’s please click on Innogel B450.