Cleaning Services

Many people ask: “How do I clean my stainless steel?”

Stainless Stainless can offer a number of ways to assist you in keeping your stainless steel products clean and looking new constantly.

  • Domestic and Commercial Cleaning contracts
  • Quotes can be based on an hourly rate or per Job
  • Ongoing Maintenance quotes

Specialised service

Cleaning non-ferrous metals is a specialty job. This often means that as a client you may not possess the trained manpower needed to perform a cleaning job efficiently. Stainless Stainless can arrange well-trained cleaners to restore and maintain your stainless steel.

Rust removal

The power of Stainless Stainless lies in removing rust from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. With our experience and unique products Innoshine B570 ® and Innocare B580 ®, rust and other contaminants are efficiently removed. Your non-ferrous metal will be restored to excellent condition and, after treatment with Innoprotect, it will be protected to slow the tea-staying process and make ongoing maintenance easier in the future.

Cleaning program

Each job has its own specific points of attention. Stainless Stainless will help you create a custom work program for each cleaning job. We give attention to the environment and how the stainless steel product is used, with the aim of ensuring that each cleaning job has great results.

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Non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel are used in many different products. No matter whether we are dealing with pipelines at a tank terminal, machines in the food processing industry or your stainless facade, Stainless Stainless will ensure that rust and other contaminants are professionally and efficiently removed. Choosing the cleaning service of Stainless Stainless will mean:

  • Opting for the best possible outcome
  • Your non-ferrous metal restored to excellent condition
  • Choosing quality and experience
  • Flexible in planning and execution

Our aim is to form a partnership with owners of stainless steel products and infrastructure to assist them in keeping their assets clean and looking their best.

Whether you are looking to get buildings, machinery or other surfaces treated with our unique products, feel free to contact us for more information or to request an obligation free quote.

Organic Stainless Steel Cleaning Products and Services