Innocare B580 for Commercial / Industrial Use


Clean Stainless Steel with Innocare B580 ®

Innocare B580 ® is a neutral and mild cleaner which is designed specifically for cleaning stainless steel.  This product has amazing cleansing properties and will remove the dislodged oxides and contaminations.  It will also provide a nano scale protective layer in order to prevent new corrosion as much as possible.  Innocare B580 ® is a powerful stainless steel cleaner suitable for the daily maintenance of lightly contaminated surfaces.

For heavily contaminated surfaces or surfaces containing (flash) rust we recommend firstly removing the rust with Innoshine B570 ®.  Then we recommend treating the metal with Innocare B580 ® which, next to deep cleaning properties, will provide the metal with a nano scale protective layer.

Why is this an unique stainless steel cleaner?

There are plenty of stainless steel cleaning products available. What makes Innocare B580 ® so unique?

  • Innocare B580 ® protects the stainless steel with a thin protective layer.
  • The necessary exchange of oxygen is promoted by Innocare B580 ®
  • With regular use of Innocare B580 ® corrosion won’t stand a chance!
  • Using InnocareB580 ® is simple; no different from regular cleaning products.

Note: This product was formerly known as Innoprotect B580

Available in 500ml, 5Ltr and 25Ltr options

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Click here to view the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product: MSDS-Innoprotect-B580-EN

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