Innogel B450 for Commercial / Industrial Use

Innogel B450 is a special stainless steel cleanser that removes rust easily from stainless steel. Innogel B450 is a user-friendly, green gel and is suitable for intensive cleaning of contaminated surfaces.


Lower Turnbuckle treated with Innogel B450
Lower Turnbuckle treated with Innogel B450

Innogel B450 can replace sandblasting, pigging and pickling, methods which today are common for removing rust. All these methods have large environmental disadvantages. By using Innogel B450, all the environmentally harmfull effects of these methods can be avoided.

Removing rust with Innogel B450 takes little effort and has the advantage that, even with surfaces that are hard to reach, it makes them easy to clean. Innogel B450 can be sprayed and then spread over the surface with a brush or a sponge. After a short time, the gel can be washed away and the rust and other contaminants will be gone.

What is the difference between Innogel B450 and Innosoft B570?

Innosoft B570 has the same, or even better results but requires intensive mechanical work. Innogel B450 is ideal for surfaces that are difficult to reach. Innogel B450 has a contact time of 4 – 24 hours, where Innosoft B570 gives instant results.

What makes Innogel B450 unique?

Despite Innogel B450 being called a pickling agent, it is biodegradable and therefore much more environmentally friendly than other pickling agents.  A number of environmental protection stages are unnecessary with the use of Innogel B450.


Available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg

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