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Organic Stainless Steel Protector

It’s Stainless Steel Cleaning – But Not As You Know It


There is little doubt that Stainless Steel has proven itself to be high quality, aesthetically pleasing finish to architectural projects, while at the same time being a long lasting and hygienic product suitable for use in hospitals, kitchens and food processing environments.

And yet, while its corrosion resistance is a key reason for its overall usability, there remains a question regarding how to keep Stainless Steel looking its polished best. Tea staining causes Stainless Steel to discolour and, if left unmaintained, can lead to rust and pitting. Because of the highly polished nature of Stainless Steel, cleaning has often presented a serious challenge. Mild household cleaners were largely ineffective, while heavy duty cleaners were highly acidic or abrasive.

However recent developments in Europe by Emergo Metal Treatment have revolutionised Stainless Steel cleaning. Here are some key reasons why Emergo Metal Treatment products are so effective:

Organic Cleaners

A major benefit to the range of Emergo Metal Treatment products is that they are 100% organic. So using them doesn’t involve any specialist protective equipment (though we’d always recommend the use of kitchen gloves) or storage requirements.

Recently, Emergo published a series of YouTube videos to demonstrate just how easy these products are to use – feel free to check them out at http://www.youtube.com/user/EMERGOMetal.

No Damage to the Polished Surface

Abrasive cleaners can easily damage the polished surface of your Stainless Steel. Not only does this detract from the look of the product, but also harms any protective coating that may have been applied. This leaves your Stainless Steel susceptible to further corrosion issues.

But the Emergo Metal Treatment range of cleaners won’t scratch or damage your Stainless Steel products, so you can use them with confidence.

Protect and Maintain Your Stainless Steel

Not only do our cleaners work exceptionally well, but we also have products that protect your Stainless Steel from further tea staining. In fact, with Emergo Metal Treatment products, you can establish a simple maintenance program that will keep your Stainless Steel items in the best possible condition.

So if you thought keeping your Stainless Steel in great shape was too difficult a task, think again! Innosoft, Innoprotect and the entire range of Emergo Metal Treatment products are designed to make Stainless Steel cleaning a breeze!

What Our Customers Have Said

Here are some comments from customers who have purchased our products through Ebay:

  • ‘Great Product. I’m very happy.’
  • ‘Product worked great. Brought my BBQ back to brand new… excellent product.’
  • ‘Product works brilliantly. Very satisfied’
  • ‘Incredible product. Thank you so much. A++++++++++++’
  • ‘Expensive but excellent product. Well worth it. Very happy.’

Stainless Stainless is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of this excellent range of Emergo Metal Treatment products. Please contact Mark Schnabel if you would like more information, or order a Sample Pack from our website to try it out for yourself!


Innogel B450 Gallery

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  • Photo 1, The tea staining on the turnbuckles,
  • Photo 2, The Innogel B450 has been applied to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th turnbuckles,
  • Photo 3, The next morning (approx.14 hrs later) we have returned and washed down with water.
  • Photo 4, Top turnbuckle left untouched, bottom turnbuckle cleaned with Innogel B450.

Innogel B450 at it’s Best


Innogel B450 is fast becoming a proven and highly effective product to use in removing tea staining from Stainless Steel.

It is especially useful when it comes to cleaning those really tight areas that a cloth or sponge cannot access easily. For example, consider stainless steel wire products and  turnbuckles that have become popular in balustrading today. Tea staining has really effected these two products.

With Innogel B450 it is as simple as

  • Applying the gel, green in colour, all over the wire and turnbuckles with a paint brush, making sure that it gets into all the effected areas. In between the strands of wire, etc.
  • Then leave for anywhere from 4 to 24 hrs. This is dependent on the extent of the contamination.
  • Once left for sufficient time, simply hose off with water and dry with a cloth. As Innogel B450 is Bio-degradable, it is quite safe to the environment.

Click here to see a series of photos where we have done this as a trial.

  • Photo 1, The tea staining on the turnbuckles,
  • Photo 2, The Innogel B450 has been applied to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th turnbuckles,
  • Photo 3, The next morning (approx.14 hrs later) we have returned and washed down with water.

As always, once cleaned we highly recommend that all cleaned stainless steel be treated with Innoprotect B580.

For further Information on Innogel B450, including samples, pricing and MSDS’s please click on Innogel B450.

Samples now available

Indoor / Outdoor Pak 15.00
Indoor / Outdoor Pak


Will it work or won’t it? That is one of the biggest questions when considering something new.

To help we have made available samples of each product. This can provide a low cost option to test these products out before you buy a larger bottle.

As an extra incentive, when you return to purchase either a 250ml or 500ml bottle we will refund the cost of that sample (not the freight though).


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Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580 How to Video

How simple is it to use the Innosoft B570 Stainless Steel Cleaner and the Innoprotect B580 Protector?

View this short video to see how….

Great New Paks Available

Paks Now Available

Whether it be in a commercial environment or just at home in the kitchen, stainless steel has become very popular. When it is new it looks elegant, classy and you know that the quality is very high. However without regular maintenance stainless steel starts to “rust”and can tarnish quickly. Your expensive investment is starting to look weathered and worn.

Now you can keep this under control with a range of  easy to use cleaners and protectors that are fully organic. Totally safe to you and the environment

To assist you we have created a range of Paks for the variety of enquires that we are getting. Whether it be a basic Sample or a Starters Pak, these 2 options will allow you to test all the products out and experience how good they are.

Our aim is to help you make a decision as to which product will best suit your requirements, without paying the full price on a large bottle that you may not really use.

However, should you already know how well these products work then purchasing a Mid Size or Full Size Pak will offer you greater value for your investment.


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New Product – InnoGel B450


Innogel B450

B450 is a special stainless steel cleanser that removes rust easily from stainless steel. Removing rust with Innogel B450 takes little effort and has the advantage that surfaces that are difficult to clean are easier to clean because there is no need for mechanical work. Innogel B450 can be sprayed on and then spread over the surface with a brush or sponge. As a result, Innogel B450 is able to get each spot clean, even if it is hard to get to. Although Innogel B450 is called a pickling agent, it is biodegradable and therefore much more environmentally friendly than other pickling agents.

Currently Innogel B450 is available in 1 Ltr bottles. Smaller sizes can be available upon request.



Stainless Stainless Appointed Australian and NZ Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Stainless Stainless has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Emergo Metal Treatment products in Australia and New Zealand.